About Us

"Always looking for ways to improve performance, increase customer satisfaction levels and build strong working teams."


About Us


AIDA Curtain Collection was registered on May 2, 2014 with No. Company Registration 201403113907 (CA0209249-P). This company is led by Puan Aida Haswana Binti Abu Hassan who is committed to explore opportunities to further dignify this company. The company also takes an open attitude to work with any party whether it is the government or the private sector to increase the company's potential.

We run our business in the field of interior decoration, especially in the field of curtains, blinds and wallpaper and we are experts in the field of sewing curtains. Our business is started from our home for 5 years before moving to a 2-floor shop. Starting from just a small business, and now we have 10 employees. We actively promote the business on social media, Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok and Youtube and offline marketing.

Aida Curtains Collections
Aida Curtains Collections

We are determined to be among the pioneers in the field of reliable and viable curtain sewing in line with technological modernization. Our company sets a reasonable price for each service and product offered in order to give customers the opportunity to obtain products from our company continuously. We are confident that we can be competitive and continue to step forward to be more glorious in this business world.

The challenges in this business are quite bitter, but AIDA CURTAIN COLLECTION will remain focused on staying in the competition in the market. The objective of the company is to ensure the delivery of the best service to the customers and not just prioritize profit alone.

AIDA CURTAIN COLLECTION is strongly supported by skilled personnel who have experience in doing related work. AIDA CURTAIN COLLECTION is also committed to not only being a company that simply undergoes the "survival" of a typical organization but will become a "trend setter" in its field.

To go into direction, AIDA CURTAIN COLLECTION will always be in a productive and dynamic mode. The work culture in this company is not just content with the "comfort zone". We at AIDA CURTAIN COLLECTION will always challenge the company's potential to continue pioneering success after success.

Aida Curtains Collections

Our Vision

AIDA CURTAIN COLLECTION determined to provide services and products according to the standards and produce products with the best quality while contributing to the development of the country's economy.

Our Mission

Producing products with quality service.
Ensure user satisfaction.
Perform work in a professional and ethical manner.
Ensure that the work can be completed within the specified period.
Ensure that the work is completed with a more efficient cost without affecting the quality of the work.
Making full use of available expertise.